Young Living Oils Class – Wed. June 26th – 6:30 pm

Learning to use Essential Oils is so powerful. An amazing natural way to manage your health care. They can be used for colds, fevers, blood sugars, headaches, boosting immune system or you name it. google translate . It is very important to use therapeutic grade essential oils as the chemical constituents God put in nature have been maintained in these oils to bring your body into balance and thus your body will heal itself! Options 4 Health is a Young Living business as I believe they are the purest and highest vibrational oils on the planet. On Wed. June 26th at 6:30 pm we are having one of the top trainers in this area, Yvonne Litza, offering a recap of everything new from Young Living convention at the Marengo Options 4 Health office. And I understand there is a lot of amazing new things happening.