Nicole Xicotencatl

Nicole Xicotencatl

Nicole XicotencatlSpirituality has always played a major role in Nikki’s life.  She knew she was different from a very young age when she could see and talk to dead people. Knowing there was life after death and that spiritual energies could still guide, love, communicate, and even share in a relationship with us profoundly shaped her life.  In November 1998 a spiritual awakening brought all she had known and experienced into focus.  During 4 amazing minutes her life changed.  So many things became clear, so many questions were answered. 

Since then, God has orchestrated a symphony of learning experiences in Nikki’s life which have resulted in the different services she offers. 

Intuitive Spiritual Sessions
Mediumship Sessions
Tarot Card Interpretation
Spiritual Counseling
Spiritual Roundtable (group gathering)
Spiritual Gallery (group gathering)

Pet Energy Communication

30 minutes…..$100
45 minutes…..$125
60 minutes…..$150

Phone Readings Available Only

“My walk with God during this journey of  has made a profound impact on my life.”

The goal of my practice is to enlighten humanity to the existence, the presence and the connection with Spirit by nurturing a relationship between body and soul.