Jamie Kuhn

Jamie Kuhn

Intuitive/Medium/Spiritual Guide/Reiki Master Teacher/Empathic

Jamie was born with her wonderful gift of being aware and involved with the world of spirit since her birth. This medium-ship ability means she has the unique gift of communicating with loved ones in the spirit world or with your guides or angels. She has been doing consultations professionally for 15 plus years.

She is a clairvoyant (clear seeing-receiving spiritual information via mental pictures); Clairaudient people’s feelings; and Clair cogizant (clear knowing-information that just comes to you). All of these abilities combined creates a one of a kind psychic reading that is always different and can include: channeled messages from crossed over loved ones, animals, spirit guides and past lives. Sometimes we need guidance and other times we just need confirmation that we are on the right path. Her readings have positive approach and are designed to empower you to get more of what you want out of life.

A good time to have a consultation with her is when:

  • You seek information or guidance
  • You’re at a crossroads in life
  • If life is just overwhelming
  • If you are wanting a connection with a loved one for comfort or for closure
  • Or just for fun!

Can be done in person monthly at either location or over the phone daily.

30 minutes…..$65
60 minutes…..$100

These services are offered when Jamie is at Options 4 Health Monthly!

Reiki and Meditation

60 minutes…..$75
with Reading….. $100

Gemstone Energy Healing

60 minutes…..$75
with Reading…..$100

Call and find out what other classes Jamie has to offer to help you heal your life!