Dr. Pamela Gerloff

Pamela GerloffDr. Pamela Gerloff

Dr. Gerloff is a certified Access Bars Facilitator. There are 32 points on your head that correspond to different areas of your life. Touching these points is a potent hands-on body process that starts a flow of energy and erases years of fixed points of view, judgments, negative feelings, and limiting beliefs that hold you back. Having these points touched is simply, enjoyable, and relaxing.

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Dr. Pamela Gerloff, a.k.a. “Possibility Pamela,” studies transformational change. She holds a doctorate in Human Development from Harvard University, where, in graduate school, she began to ask two fundamental questions: Why don’t schools change? and When they do, why don’t the changes last? Her quest for answers uncovered ideas, principles, and tools relevant to nearly every domain of life. She founded Compelling Vision, her own consulting practice, to share her discoveries. Dr. Gerloff is co-author, with Robert Fuller, of Dignity for All: How to Create a World without Rankism and on-site educational consultant to Civic Bangladesh, located in Dhaka. Formerly an Associate Editor with Highlights for Children and later Executive Editor of More Than Money magazine, Pamela currently co-manages, with her family, their ancestral farm in northern Illinois. There, she enjoys her feline and bovine friends, including Miss Kitty and “The Tinies,” sweet little brown twin calves.