Elizabeth Laskonis

elizabeth-laskonisDr. (Lee) Elizabeth Laskonis is a Naturopathic doctor who graduated from Trinity College of Natural Health and the School of Certified Natural Health Professionals in Warsaw, IN, with the following degrees:

• Certified Natural Health Professional in 1996
• Master Herbalist in 1999
• Naturopathic Doctor in 1999
• Certified Nutritional Counselor in 2001
• Schooled in Iridology, Kinesiology, Reflexology, Body Work, Nutrition, Herbology, Parasitology, Essential Oils, and Homeopathy.\

Member of National Association of Certified Natural Health Professionals Associate Member of American Association of Nutritional Consultants

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Natural Health Consultations and Herbal Therapies for all your Natural Health Needs

Call us to see what supplements can help your symptoms of: Allergies, Arthritis, Cancer, Circulation Problems, Chronic Fatigue, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Hypoglycemia, Immune deficiencies, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Memory Problems, Migraines, Mitral Valve Prolapse, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Prostate Problems, Skin Problems, Thyroid Problems, Weight Gain/Loss and Much More.

Herbology * Homeopathy * Iridology * Kinesiology * Naturopathy * Nutritional Counseling* Parasitology

Many natural supplements and herbal remedies available. Book a Natural Health Workshop or a Seminar – we love to teach!

Classes in Applied Kinesiology

Kinesiology has been used for many years by Veterinarians, Chiropractors, Nurses, Naturopaths, Acupuncturists, and other Natural Health Professionals to determine the state of the body. One class in basic Kinesiology will give you the ability to know more about what is going on with your own health. Easy to learn, Kinesiology can give you the world at your fingertips! Learn how to test your food to make sure you are eating correctly, to determine which foods may be contaminated, and to test your herbs and supplements to find which ones are best for you.


You can improve the quality of your life dramatically by taking the appropriate herbal combinations and/or supplements to combat various symptoms of body distress. Since our food supply today is so dramatically different than it was 50 to 100 years ago, it is nearly impossible to get enough real nutrients to stay truly healthy. Natural herbs, Flower Remedies, Vitamins and Minerals, Homeopathics, and many other nutritional supplements add healthy alternatives to our foods. Our therapies include Iridology, Herbology, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Nutritional Counseling, and Parasitology. These methods are safe, effective, and non-invasive and give fast relief. We promote eating for your blood type and your ancestry. We treat the whole person – body, mind, and spirit – to achieve homeostasis. If we can’t do it, we refer you to it!

Help Heal, Rather than Harm, the Client

We tailor healing modalities to your individual needs which are effective for your everyday aches and pains as well as chronic and acute problems. We deal with the many causes of dis-ease, which can result from nutritional deficiencies, environmental or physical factors, and various parasites that enter the body through the foods we eat or from personal contact. We promote good health through education of the client, and the use of non-invasive natural agents and procedures. We strive to do no harm to the human body, and to involve the whole person in their individual therapy.

Identifying the Cause of Body Distress

First, we identify the cause of the various symptoms of body distress. We use Kinesiology (muscle testing) and Iridology (Reading of the Eyes)along with other methods to identify body weaknesses and imbalances, and natural Herbs and Supplements to balance your individual health needs. Then we remove the cause by using natural therapies and rebuilding the body, thus restoring total health. The client is taught to accept responsibility for his own body, by using proper nutrition and the lifestyle and emotional /dietary changes that are needed to maintain his health. We will consult with you on your medical history, inquire about your diet, use non-invasive tests to determine your whole health picture, and advise the proper steps for you to take to guide you back to optimum health.

We deal with Wellness and how to stay healthy.

*We do NOT prescribe drugs and are not involved in the practice of allopathic medicine. Nor do we perform surgery. Not a licensed physician in the state of Illinois.

Our specialty is identifying and cleansing various parasites in the body. These sometimes microscopic creatures can be responsible for a host of various health problems. The incidence of parasitic infestation in North America is rising due to increased international travel, contamination of water and foods, and the overuse of chemicals, mercury and prescription antibiotics. Various worms, flukes, fungi, and a long list of other types of parasites, are far more common in our population than conventional medical experts have led people to believe. It is now estimated that 98% of all diseases in North America are caused by some type of parasite.

Here are just a few of the many symptoms of various parasitic infestations

  • Allergies
  • Behavior problems
  • Blurry or unclear vision and floaters in the eyes
  • Chronic fatigue, lethargy or apathy and general weakness such as Fibromyalgia
  • Chronic urinary tract infections
  • Chronic yeast infections
  • Constipation, gas and bloating, diarrhea
  • Eating more than normal, but not gaining weight and still being hungry
  • Excess weight or thin to the point of emaciation
  • Forgetfulness, memory loss Immune system problems Irritable bowel or digestive problems
  • Itchiness of ears, nose, anus
  • Migraine headaches or frequent headaches
  • Nervousness or grumpiness
  • Nutrient deficiencies and anemia
  • Skin problems such as acne or rashes
  • Sleeping problems
  • Toenails and fingernails with fungus infections
  • Tooth grinding or clenching

These are just some of the various symptoms of the presence of parasites in the human body. Total cleansing of parasitic infestation involves more than just taking one or two popular herbal products found in a health food store. These herbs might help a minor situation, but will not fix the problem. First we need to identify what type of parasites a person has, open the cells in order to kill them, kill them with various types of herbs while supporting the body with supplements, then rebuild the cells and tissues, to maintain proper health.

Thorough cleansing of internal parasites is very important for adults, children, and pets. It’s imperative to treat the whole family when a person is found to have parasites, as they can be transferred to other members of the household, even pets. Remember, years ago, people used to cleanse their bodies every Spring and Fall with various herbs. Unfortunately, this practice is not done regularly today. And as a result of a poor immune system, parasites can get a good hold on a person, and can lead to various health problems.


“I have gone to four or five excellent natural and allopathic practitioners for chronic, severe parasite difficulties in the past five years. These people have not given me the treatment success that I have experienced with Dr. Laskonis. Her protocol is of the utmost quality and effectiveness. Her professionalism and empathy cannot be surpassed. I now am feeling and looking better than I have in years.” M. M. – Woodstock, IL

“After spending thousands of dollars on regular doctors, specialists and tests, Dr. Laskonis has helped me tremendously. I am finally getting my life back. She recommends natural herbs for the causes of sickness instead of treating the symptoms. My brain fog is gone and my energy is restored. I believe God led me to her and I thank Him. “ S. L. – Libertyville, IL

“In pursuing wellness, my first choice has been finding a form of alternative healing that best addresses the issue. My path crossed with that of Dr. Laskonis, and I was immediately taken with her knowledge, along with her passion for her work. I am happy also to have found someone skilled in Kinesiology and Iridology. Working with Dr. Laskonis has improved my health and well being on many levels. Together we are clearing toxins while strengthening and rebuilding my body on the cellular level. From the initial consultation to the follow up visits, Dr. Laskonis is with you every step of the way.” L. M. – McHenry, IL

“For years, I had numerous illnesses and surgeries. I tried conventional and alternative doctors to no avail. The conventional doctors gave up on me, and the alternative doctors offered minimal help. I tried Dr Laskonis, and began working on parasites with her help. I’ve made more progress than with any other doctor, and feel I will soon be back to normal.” M. K. – McHenry, IL

“I had a rash that I couldn’t clear up and it is totally gone after taking the herbs that Dr. Laskonis suggested. I am in tune with my body now, an have noticed that my skin is clear. The regimen that Dr. Laskonis has put me on has definitely helped me. Dr Laskonis is a caring, honest, and trustworthy person.” S.S. – Harvard, IL

“I became very ill in the fall of 1999 and was hospitalized for several months. The doctors even told my parents that I might not make it. But, somehow I proved the doctors wrong. When I got out of the hospital, I started seeing Dr. Laskonis seriously. I followed her recommendations, and within 4 months, everything was all back to normal, and I have never felt better. I would recommend Larch Tree Herbs and Dr. Laskonis to anyone, and I often do. ” J.P. – Woodstock, IL

These are but a few of the satisfied clients of Elizabeth Laskonis. If you are having symptoms of distress, and can’t find a cause, call now for a consultation. You may be surprised by the results.